SMART Recovery - Self Management and Recovery Training
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

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SMART Recovery Growing in Canada

SMART Recovery is shy of 50 meetings in Canada and is growing steadily.SMART Recovery began in 1994 and the central office is located in Mentor, Ohio. SMART Recovery arrived in Canada in 1999, when meetings were first started in British Columbia, then Alberta, and Ontario.

Today SMART Recovery is approaching 50 meetings in Canada, and expanding rapidly. SMART Recovery Quebec started in 2011 with dedicated help of an addiction treatment centre located 15 minutes from the US border.  They wanted to offer their residents other alternatives for group support than just AA or other 12 step programmes.  In Quebec, there are three meetings held and they are in the process of translating the handbook into French offering more to the province of Quebec and to other Francophones across Canada and internationally. 

SMART meetings will be started up very soon in Nova Scotia.  With financial support from a Nova Scotia alcohol rehabilitation center, SMART is now spreading across Canada rapidly.  Many participants enjoy attending SMART because they learn from the various tools that its programme offers.  The tools and programme of SMART is so helpful that an Annapolis Valley drug rehab centre trained their entire team because the executive director believes to be a great benefit and help to residents so they can learn that there are different paths to recovery.